About Us

Chang Express is a leading company specializes in money transfer and travel service to Latin America. Since its inception in 1989, this family-owned company has been servicing its customers with highly qualified and trained staffs. Unlike our competitors, Chang Express is not a franchise operation. All of our corporate offices are wholly owned. Our clients benefit from a consistent level of service around the clock. All of our travel agents have immediate access to the lowest negotiated fares, and consequently can offer our clients always the most competitive airfares available in the market. Today, Chang Express consolidate, retail and wholesale travel services to its many different levels of clients.

Chang Express also offers the money transfer service to many destinations such as Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and other Latin American countries. At some of these destinations, we can offer same day money delivery at a fraction of the cost charged by our competitors. We are also dedicated to customer service to clients. Our agents will assist our clients with transactions and ensure them prompt resolution. Chang Express is undoubtedly the best value for both your personal and commercial money transfer needs.